Fredrik Uhrström

Current Engagements

  • Co-founder and Co-owner of Vikingaliv, a Viking museum in Stockholm
  • Co-owner and Board member of Quedro AB, mobile services developed specifically for the real estate business
  • Co-owner and Chairman of Starcounter AB, a database company with disruptive technology


  • Co-founder and Co-Owner of Junibacken (Sweden´s most profitable privately
    owned museum/attraction center). 
  • Co-founder, Co-owner, CEO and Board member of Kunskapshamnen AB (8 different companies in the IT-area with over 150 employees)
  • Co-owner and member of the Board of EPiServer AB
  • Co-founder, Co-owner, CEO and Board member of Emotion AB (consultants in the areas of attraction building and management)
  • Co-founder, Co-owner, Partner and Board member of Critical Mass Ventures AB (a venture company in the IT area)
  • Board member of Barncancerfonden