Eva Redhe

Advisor, angel investor and board professional.

Over the 30 years of my professional career I have worked with some 25 companies in a board capacity. During the last 10 years I have also focused on private investments. 

Looking back at the years I have spent in the business sector below is a summary of areas I have dedicated time and effort to.

Following business school I joined Investor AB in 1988. I was 1 out of 7 people in the front office and worked with corporate finance, equity research and as head of investor relations. At the time Investor held 34% of the votes of the Stockholm Stock Exchange which made it a great place to start, with a steep learning curve for me. 

Coming from an entrepreneurial home, I always knew I wanted to start my own company, which I did in 1994. At its peak Mercurius Financial Communications employed ten professionals working with banks and their client companies in IPOs, private placements and more. 

During my years as an entrepreneur, I also initiated one of the first class action suits in Sweden, and also took on the role as project leader for an application to the European court of human rights. My engagement in these two projects reflects my interest in democracy and the protection of its legal framework.

In 2004 I became the CEO of Erik Penser Bank and led a successful turnaround of the operations together with a great team and a supportive owner. Subsequently I took on the role as Executive Chairman of the bank. 

From 2008 until the present day, my focus has been on my own investments and board word. During this time, I have engaged significant effort in fund raising for the companies I invest in, in order to facilitate their development and growth.

Current Engagements