Why we invested in Qasa

Qasa(.se) is a data-driven all-inclusive platform for medium-term (1+ month) housing rental. From setting the right price, finding the right tenant, writing the contract, until insurance and payment everything is covered.


The problem

Until recently, when attempting to rent out your place and find a suitable tenant, you were typically faced with the following options:

  • Going through a real estate agent is typically very costly and a largely imperfect process: low control over tenants; limited responsibility by the agency if things go wrong; low incentive for the agent to push price up.
  • You posted an announcement through your social media channels. One possible advantage here is that you have better (social) control over a potential tenant. If you are familiar with basic demand/supply theory, it can however not be the best way to get a high rent due to the limited reach.
  • Thirdly, you could post to an often one-dimensional listing website, in Sweden typically se. Here you get quite big visibility and an arguably very large demand. So if you know what rent would be suitable you might be able to squeeze out a decent price. However, if you have mispriced your object you might either get spammed or nothing at all. Hmm…

For the tenants on the other side there are many problems too. The most important one being that there is a lot of rip-offs. Fake people, fake apartments, and fake down payments.


Image:  Qasa search function

The solution

Qasa provides an all-inclusive platform where the landlord is assisted throughout the process.

  • They provide help on how to best present a place and on what price is right to set
  • Due to its data it can help you set the right price and maximise your benefit
  • The interface works as a cockpit where you easily gather all interested applications and can evaluate them just as job applications.
  • They provide you with automated help so that you can write the contract within minutes and even sign online
  • They take care of all your payments so that you are guaranteed to receive your rent in time
  • Finally they even help out with a tailored home insurance, if needed!

Image: Qasa price calculator

The spice

Behind Qasa stands a great team that has delivered throughout the last months and shown that they can carry this forward and make Qasa the number one go-to platform for secondary medium-run renting.


The conclusion

The team has built the most advanced data-driven real estate platform for medium-run rental in Sweden and solves a real pain that many people face on a regular basis. That’s why - DHS Venture Partners with the lead of Lars LindgrenBo Mattsson and Charlotte Strömberg have decided to invest and support them along the journey.


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